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Almodóvar: The Skin I Live in

Read a review on The Skin I Live in, the last Almodóvar's film, in The New York Times.


Do you enjoy painting? Read these interesting comments of British artists about Spanish marterpieces, one of them a still life by the Extremenian Zurbarán.

Amanda Levete, Architect
Francisco de Zurbarán's Still Life

The depth of understanding and observation in this work is extraordinary. The artist creates a kind of hyper-reality: when I see a bumpy, thick-skinned lemon at a stall, I feel I am looking at an image from this painting. Great art stops us in our tracks, gives us an insight into reality, makes us think, helps us understand the structure of things. That a painting can do this with the humble lemon, some oranges, a rose and a cup of water is testament to its power and greatness. How I would love to be able to look at such a work every day, to discover another nuance, to be reminded that there is sublime beauty in the ordinary.

David Hockney, Artist
Picasso's Mother and Child (First Steps) (1943)

There's not much art I don't like, although I am indifferent to some (indeed, quite a lot) today. I could say the Fra Angelicos in San Marco in Florence are my favourite works, or Rembrandt's great drawing, in the British Museum, of a family teaching a child to walk. But why not Picasso's treatment of that same subject, which is only dealt with by the greatest artists?

It is a totally universal subject that everybody has experienced and witnessed. Today, thousands of depictions will be made of this all over the world, most with a camera: uncle Charlie teaching little Edna to walk, photographed by mum. But most will not be able to show us what Picasso does: the child, both thrilled and frightened; the anxious mother, whose supple hands clasp the child's still awkward fingers. Cubism allows him to give us that detail. In great works of art, form and content are one. It is a wonderful, touching work. Great stuff. There are not many great paintings on this subject.


Click here to read information about the volcano eruption in El Hierro.
Fox news also offers some details.

Spain 3-1 Scotland

Did you watch the match? "The world champions were immediately in control, with Scotland failing to get a touch of the ball", says the BBC website Have a look.

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Manolo Vaquera took 3rd year students to the court to do the activity "Find someone who..." It was sunny and it's always a great idea to leave the classroom for a while!


In order to encourage family participation, we propose the “traveller suitcase” with different materials from the English Department: fiction and cultural books, comics, magazines, DVDs, etc. Students will keep the traveller suitcase for a week and they and their families will have to write about their experience in a dairy we have included in the suitcase.

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Steve Jobs, "Apple" founder, considered one of the greatest innovators of our time, dies at 56. Read about him in BBC website. Read about him in BBC website.

The New York Times offers details about his life.

Watch part of his famous Stanford speech (2005) in The Guardian.

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The Telegraph offers information about the Duchess of Alba Wedding.
You can also read and watch this on the BBC website.


Well, it seems he was caught shoplifting at Tesco supermarket. Read more about this embarrasing situation and don't miss 3rd year students comments in the P.E. blog. Click here.

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